Climate Change Affecting Poor


Although poor Nepalese only contribute a very negligible amount of Green House Gases to the atmosphere, they are among the people most affected by the extreme weather patterns caused by climate change. Climate change has already altered their agriculture, health and life style and these consequences are unavoidable. As a country with such geological diversity, Nepal is very vulnerable to climate change. Whatever bleak scenario is be predicted, poor people don’t have any other options but to live in the new situation. Experience has shown that there are ways to minimize the damages though an adaptation strategy. Although are still in the demonstrative stages, the adaptation projects launched by various agencies including Practical Action, a British Based INGO, showed how rural and underprivileged people can minimize the risk of extreme weather, such as floods. As Nepal recently celebrated World Environment Day, this year’s message was that we should unite to fight the climate change. The inception of National Adaptation Plan of Action (NAPA) gives a new hope that despite what changes lay ahead, the government has programs and policies.



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