Nepal and Climate Change

Nepal is being affected by the climate change because of the GHG emissions it did not emit nonetheless Nepal itself has a scope of creating GHG emissions. Dr. Kamal Raj Dhungel

Least developed countries are the ultimate bearer of the likely impact of climate change albeit they are the less emitter in the world. They are more at risk from climate change because of their dependence on agriculture, especially the subsistence sort with poor irrigation. Climate variability has a more severe impact on the economies in which agriculture is a large share of GDP. Developed as well as few newly emerging developing economies are the major pollutants. They are emitting a large amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) as they consume unlimited quantity of fossil fuel to sustain their economic growth rate and maintain the their living standard thus giving birth to global warming. Scientists have proved that GHG emission is the sole agent of global warming and climate change. The intensity of the impact of global warming and climate change is more sensitive to the less emitting countries like Nepal.



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